Sicilia in Team Skeet - Agradecido Por La Chocha (Oye Loca)


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Sicilia might be the greatest girlfriend of all time. She saw her man upset about not being able to celebrate thanksgiving, so she tried her best to make it happen for him! She wasn't the most keen to american customs so she looked to the internet for help. First she cooked a chicken, which was incorrect. It was supposed to be a turkey. That's strike one. Then came dessert. She accidentally got a lemon pie instead of pumpkin pie. That's strike two, but she wasn't giving up. Finally she tried to tantalize her boy with some futbol when he was really craving some football. Looks like she struck out, but little did he know she had one last surprise up her sleeve. She got down on her knees and began to suck his hard cock. She then spread her legs as wide as they would go and let him finish her off orally. It may not have been the most perfect thanksgiving ever, but we are certainly thankful for that pussy. Happy Thanksgiving Skeeters! ...Read More

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Sicilia - Yoga Cutie

Sicilia - Yoga Cutie

9th January - After a round of yoga that helps keep her body supple and flexible, Sicilia is always horny and eager to masturbate. She takes her time peeling off her sports bra and panties so her magic fingers have time to play with her puffy nipples and bald pussy before she commits to cumming. ...Read More
Sicilia - Delicious Denim Demolition: Uber-Cuties Sicilia and Gina Vs. Mike Angelo - An Ass and Pussy All Inclusive Bang

Sicilia - Sindrive

22nd May - With sexy Sicilia and Gina Gerson in jeans it's almost a damn shame to ruin the look, as those fit bodies look tight as hell in some cool denim, but with Mike Angelo on the scenes you know that shit's gonna get ripped up and fucked up! And what better place to take on this kinky duo than in the hot tub, adding a wetlook element to the hard dickin' as they go on a denim clad ride with his dick, taking it deep in their mouths, giving it their all, and Gina giving it her asshole! This is a double trouble jean dream, so check out the destruction for yourself! ...Read More
Sicilia - Poolside Pleasure

Sicilia - Poolside Pleasure

12th November - Most afternoons, Sicilia throws on her bathing suit and goes for a little dip in her gorgeous pool. But today's she's feeling a little different, in the mood to play with her sweet pussy instead. She heads in from the backyard to run her fingertips over her long legs and in the sweet spot between her thighs. By the time her bikini bottom hits the ground, Sicilia's fingers are wet with the first traces of her erotic fun. ...Read More

Krystal Niles - Danger! High Voltage!!! Jessie Volt Electrisizing Sicilia and Krystal Niles - Global All Girl Nastiness At It's Best

Krystal Niles - Sindrive

30th June - Krystal Niles just got done filming a hardcore scene, and when she presents it to sexy buddies Jesie Volt and Sicilia it quickly gets the all horny as hell! Even though there aren't any guys around that's sure as hell not going to stop them from relieving their hornless, and that means these dolled up babes are gonna put those pussies on a platter for some good eatin'! There's also ass in this buffet, with these beauties licking those holiest of holies and getting their less threesome on until they're all nice and satisfied! Get a view of the lesbo high life! ...Read More
Sicilia - Dick lover

Sicilia - Dick lover

31st December - The sweet and young blonde Sicilia seduces her partner Kristof Cale. As they start to kiss passionately, the petite hottie gets dripping wet and begs to be fucked good in her tight pussy. ...Read More
Sicilia - Beautiful Blonde

Sicilia - Beautiful Blonde

2nd January - Cute blonde Sicilia is your dream come true! Watch this well proportioned hottie as she shows off her bubble butt and her perfect handful titties. When she pulls out a glass toy and starts sucking it for foreplay, you know it's going to be a good time as she masturbates her bare pussy. ...Read More