Ivy Aura in Team Skeet - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Teens Love Anal)


Team Skeet scene description

Ivy Aura always relies on her neighbor when she has a computer problem. She just goes right over, s it off, then a few hours later he returns it all fixed! When he went to assess the issue this time around, as soon as he booted up the system porn started glaring on the screen. It was pretty dirty stuff too, he needed an explanation for this. He went to off the computer and Ivy pretended like everything was normal. Her neighbor then gets slick and tells Ivy if she continues watching lesbian porn then her computer is going to keep fucking up. Why lesbian anyway? Does she not like dick? The neighbor then proposed a deal. If he fucked her ass and she enjoyed it, maybe she can cut down on the lesbian stuff. Sounds like a deal! Ivy proceeds to gape her meaty arse hole and her neighbor is amazed. It's the perfect diameter to fit his large dick in. Before he can plunge into there, she has to suck him up a little first. Once he's nice and lubed he thrusts his meat stick up her meathole. Ivy was gasping with pleasure as her sphincter was rammed. The pressure was so orgasmic that our boy couldn't help making a cum cocktail up her asshole. Ivy was pleased, and so was her poophole ;) ...Read More

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Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 01)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 11)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 22)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 33)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 44)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 55)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 66)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 77)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 88)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 99)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 110)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 121)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 132)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 143)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 154)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 164)
Ivy Aura - Fixing Her Cumpooper (Thumb 176)

Ivy Aura - Its Right To Be Wrong

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6th May - Ivy Aura is a beautiful, slender, tall, leggy, very fit raven haired babysitter. She loves working for Mr. Kovaks. Afterall, he is kind and has great advice for her. Ivy takes his compliments to heart and decides she is too good for her boyfriend, just like Mr.Kovacs said. She asks him for a ride home and tells him her revelation. Ivy has a crush on the unsuspecting Mr. Kovacs. She invites him in. He is hesitant, but agrees to come in for a little bit. Ivy tells Mr. Kovacs she wishes that she had a man like him in her life. Mr. Kovacs suddenly realizes where this is headed and tries to tell her it?s wrong. She says she sees the way he looks at her and that her parents won?t be home for a while. She coaxes him for just a little bit. That?s all it took for Mr. Kovacs to get up and start making out with her. He strips her right in front of the glass door and she starts to give him some fantastic head. Following this, he begins fucking her doggystyle against the door. He than smashes her on the couch and fucks her in various positions. Then he mounts her topside and stuffs his dick down her throat as his jizz erupts all over her mouth and neck. Mr. Kovacs thinks they should do this more often! ...Read More


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Ivy Aura - Just For You

15th December - Raven haired hottie Ivy Aura is a little bit shy as she shows off her nice ass beneath a miniskirt and lifts her shirt to share her small boobs. Once she's nude, though, this American newcomer will hold nothing back when it comes to pleasuring her greedy bare twat into climactic bliss. ...Read More
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20th June - Ivy works in a sex shop while in college. Her family doesn't know. But one of her dad's friends visits the shop one day while she's working and she realises he's into some really kinky stuff. From then on, she can't stop thinking about him. So she finally pops over to his place to stir up some trouble. ...Read More
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Ivy Aura - Creamy Pussy

14th December - Cute American Ivy Aura has a luscious set of tiny titties and an ass that looks perfect when it is cupped by a thong. The cum craving coed is an expert at slipping her hand between her thighs to fondle her lusty bare clit, but when she really needs to get off she uses a dildo to finish the job. ...Read More

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Ivy Aura - Sweet Taste

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Ivy Aura - Skinny Vibe

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