Dolly Little in Team Skeet - Im Stuck! Plz Help (Exxxtra Small)


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The oh so itsy-bitsy Dolly Little is super excited to hang out with her friend Anna today! She skips all the way over to her house and you can see how happy she is the second she rings the doorbell. She expects Anna to answer, but its her father instead. He is super nice, so he invites Dolly in to wait until Anna arrives. Mr. Largo is sitting on the couch reading, while dolly fools around with her pigtails and starts thinking about all the super fun things that her and her friend will do! But then, something happens. Dolly gets a jolt in her stomach and has to use the bathroom immediately. Mr. Largo points her to it and as soon as she hops on, she can already tell her tiny little booty is stuck! she has no idea what to do, so she calls Mr. Largo right over. He sees the situation, and is willing to help, but only if she can help him too. His fat cock hasnt been sucked in a while, and he thinks it might be a good trade. Dolly thinks it will be super weird since hes her best friends dad , but shes desperate to be freed. She gags on Mr. Largos long schlong just enough for him to feel ready to pull her free. Once she pops right off the seat, he suggests moving it to the bedroom, and at this point Dolly is totally game. Once they get there Mr. Largo ravages her micro pussy with no shame and uses her teeny pigtails for more leverage. Her pussy was almost as red as her hair when he was done with her. Mr. Largo came all over Dollys face turning her into one of the finest iced mini strawberry shortcakes you have probably ever seen. ...Read More

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23rd April - Kymberlee and Dolly are getting married! They make their love official with a tender, beautiful ceremony... then consummate the marriage with a rough, hardcore, dirty fuckfest! ...Read More
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29th April - Dolly was doing bad in her first year of med school, So bad that her parents hired a tutor for her to improve her grades. Bruce did not know what was in store for him when he came to help Dolly with her school work. What he though was going to be just another tutoring session turned out to be anything but! Dolly almost immediately began to seduce Bruce into giving her all the answers in change for a blowjob and maybe a little more. Bruce resisted at first but once Dolly began to simulate filacio on one of Bruce's fingers all bets were off! Bruce fucked the shit out of Dolly! Giving her some serious dick, tossing and smacking around the cute redhead. Dolly was more than please with what she managed to accomplish. she was on top of the world. ...Read More
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Dolly Little - When Girls Play

1st May - Hope Harper and Dolly Little are enjoying some girl time trying on bras and panties to get each other's opinions. When the girls realize that they can't keep their mouths from each other's soft breasts and shaved twats, things start to get heated. Dolly is the first to enjoy a full pussy feast as Hope lays back and relaxes beneath her girlfriend's talented ministrations. Soon the redhead finds herself on her hands and knees, moaning as Hope gives as good as she got.While both girls love having their snatches feasted upon, taking turns pleasuring each other inevitably leaves one of them without pleasure for far too long. They solve their problem with a 69 that leaves Dolly laying on top of Hope with her lover's fuck hole in perfect finger fucking position.Their 69 is pretty great, but Hope knows how to make things even better. Pulling out a magic wand vibrator, she presses the buzzing toy to Dolly's snatch. Once Dolly's moans fill the room, Hope positions herself so the toy hits them both in their most sensitive areas, sending them each moaning and panting towards explosive orgasms. ...Read More

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9th June - Beautiful redhead Dolly's French grades are falling and she needs to improve them to get into the private school she has been dreaming of attending. To help her with her studies, her parents enrol the help of a sexy French tutor to help her along the way. Each week they meet to study, but her interest in the French language has grown into a sexy fantasy about her teacher and what she would love him to do to her. When her parents go out of town, she flirts outrageously with him, trying to get his attention. After failing time and time again, she plays her trump card - revealing her sexy body and offering him something he has no chance of resisting. ...Read More
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Dolly Little - Banana

4th May - American cutie Dolly Little is a redhead spinner who dreams of getting her bald pussy pounded. Performing a slow striptease in the kitchen is just the beginning for this fiery hottie, who takes her time settling herself and spreading her legs so that she can use a banana to masturbate her creamy cooch. ...Read More
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Dolly Little - Naughty Fun

8th May - Extra-small spinner Dolly Little is an American redhead whose short stature doesn't keep her from having a big sex drive. Slipping her hand into her pants, she feels that her bald slit is slick with excitement so she peels off her clothes and hops on the couch to give her twat the finger fucking it deserves. ...Read More