Lucia Fernandez in Team Skeet - Mapa Del Amor (Oye Loca)


Team Skeet scene description

The thick and sexy latina Lucia Fernandez stumbled across a dorky tourist who had no idea what he was doing or where he was going. She offered to make him a map to the best parts of the city He was intrigued by the idea, so they went back to his hotel room and before we knew it she was finding her way down to his cock. Intense sucking and a super soft pussy really took a toll on this young tourist. He was so drained from his orgasm that he couldn't even focus. This was Lucias cue to make her way to his wallet, steal his cash, and make her way home. All in a day's work!

Team Skeet scene tags

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Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 01)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 12)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 24)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 36)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 48)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 60)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 72)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 84)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 96)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 108)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 120)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 132)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 144)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 156)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 168)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 179)
Lucia Fernandez - Mapa Del Amor (Thumb 192)

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Franny - Lusty Lesbian Pleasure

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Lucia Fernandez - Bouncy Boobs Riding Cowgirl

Lucia Fernandez - Public Agent

21st May - Law student Lucia Fernandez will face the bar exam in a year, but first, she has to face me and my fake modeling agency! When I saw the beautiful strawberry blonde getting off the bus, I noticed her ample breasts right away. She was making such little money with her part-time bartending job, she agreed to do a casting--but refused to take Czech money! It took some haggling, and the promise of a big cock, but once the price was right, the sugary-voiced Spaniard agree to suck him, and followed me across the train tracks to somewhere more private. Let me tell you: nobody titty fucks like Lucia Fernandez and her amazing natural double Ds! I couldn't wait to get some shots of those massive boobs bouncing above me, and shoot a load of cum on them! And that's exactly what I did. ...Read More
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Lucia Fernandez - Nacho Loves Tits

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Lucia Fernandez - Latina is too Juicy for her Pants

Lucia Fernandez - Latina is too Juicy for her Pants

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Lucia Fernandez - Having Sex With My Mom's Friend

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Lucia Fernandez - Fake Agent

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