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Sasha,Nikki in 'Team Skeet' - Take Off My Clothes! (Step Siblings)

These step siblings today are soooo damn cute. One is always borrowing the others clothes all the time and the other one can't stand it! Sounds like there's a lot of tension that needs to be released! The only way to solve this sibling rivalry is to lick each others pussies until they both cum! Problems solved!

Released : January 21st, 2014
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Pictures from Sasha,Nikki in 'Team Skeet' Take Off My Clothes!

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Elise Graves in 'Electrically Fucked and Sucked'

Elise Graves - Electrically Fucked and Sucked

Heavy is living out the dreams of many kinky men. He is first laced up into an extremely sexy custom-made leather bondage catsuit by the perky Sasha. Mitts, boots, and a unique leather hood come next. Elise then begins skillfully strapping Heavy to her special table, ensuring that there is very little movement available to Heavy. Demonstrating to Sasha how to control Heavy through the electrical ass plug and urethral cock cap electrode, Elise begins warming up Heavy?s insides. Heavy, lacking much electrical experience, begins moaning and contracting as the juice gets turned up even more by Sasha. If you have ever wanted to see Heavy truly helpless with a dose of suffering, this is for you! After juicing Heavy?s genitals with electricity, Elise?s interest wains and moves on to the Venus 2000 machine, offering Heavy the suck of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Heavy, the machine does not care when he ejaculates, and so this whole experience might just go on indefinitely?

Elise Graves in 'Spit Roasted Sasha'

Elise Graves - Spit Roasted Sasha

Sexy Sasha has no clue what she is in for when she meets Elise at a mountainous play space. Elise was in an experimental mood and created for Sasha a setup that she will not soon forget. Complete with two fucking machines and a pussy cam projected on a screen before her eyes, Sasha is certainly in for a treat. Elise wants Sasha to feel stuffed! At first, Elise trains Sasha?s cock sucking skills prior to letting fucking machine #1 take over that hole. Next, Elise releases fucking machine #2 into Sasha?s pussy. In no time, Sasha is feeling the love of the machines! All this setup left Elise beat, so she left the machines running while relaxing from a distance - all the while controlling the fucking machines with her remote access!

Elise Graves in 'A Suspended Suck'

Elise Graves - A Suspended Suck

Elise is very pleased to be playing with Sasha and HeavyBondage4Life, a lovely young kinky couple! She has all sorts of fantasies to live out with them! This particular one, however, is very involved but worth it! First, Elise secures each one of them into a heavy canvas Max Cita sleepsack. In the case of Sasha, Elise has also fitted her pussy with a Stanley Jr. electro plug. Elise then hoists Sasha up into the air, face down, dangling right over Heavy. With Sasha?s recently split tongue, Elise believes she needs some practice using it, and so Elise places a gag in Sasha?s mouth and begins to probe her mouth her a gloved hand, all the while slobber is falling onto Heavy?s face. Next, Elise turns Heavy around, and lowers Sasha?s mouth onto Heavy?s hard cock. He has been patiently waiting in his sack while listening to Sasha?s Stanley Jr. electro moans. He likes hearing her suffer, you can tell. Elise enjoys it as well, so she turns up the electro while instructing Sasha how to suck Heavy?s cock. At first Elise gives Sasha the liberty to control her own depth, however Elise eventually takes control by hoisting Sasha up and down in the air on Heavy?s cock. This is one unique video that will probably appeal to those who enjoy helpless sexual service.

Elise Graves in 'The Ride of a Lifetime'

Elise Graves - The Ride of a Lifetime

Sasha is an adventurous young woman who has put herself in Elise?s hands. Elise is excited to have such a woman to play with, as she knows Sasha will submit and bring Elise pleasure. Elise decides to put Sasha into a heavy Max Cita straitjacket as well as some medical restraints, leaving Sasha totally helpless on top of a VERY POWERFUL vibrator, with no way to get off. Elise is in control of the dials, which makes her very happy. Elise plays with Sasha through the vibrational level, as well as the spinning dildo action inside Sasha?s pussy. Watch as Sasha deals with the intense sensations! Elise wants more control and places a gas mask on Sasha?s face, making sure to give it a snug - air tight - fit. Controlling Sasha?s breath through limiting the amount of air she can inhale makes Elise extra excited. Sasha begins to beg Elise to be allowed to orgasm. Elise denies. Ultimately, however, Sasha is connected to a long hose leading to a compressed air tank, allowing Elise to relinquish control of Sasha?s breathing to the tank. Finally, Sasha is given permission to come, but is it too late?

Elise Graves in 'Strapping Down Sasha - Sexy blonde strapped and ready for play'

Elise Graves - Strapping Down Sasha - Sexy blonde strapped and ready for play

Sexy blonde Sasha is a bondage junkie. She craves to be tied up and made vulnerable for her top. Elise is in the mood to play, as well. After informing Sasha that she ?doesn?t need to see? I do,? Elise pulls a soft, thin Christopher Fetish hood over Sasha?s pretty face, rendering her semi-anonymous. Using thick leather belts, Elise begins strapping Sasha to a vertical wooden beam with her arms over her head, exposing her sensitive arm pits to Elise. After Elise straps Sasha?s entire body to the post, she skillfully adds one last strap around Sasha?s neck, to keep her securely held - both in body and mind. To check her work, Elise uses a zapping taser toy to create fear in Sasha. Ultimately, Elise wants Sasha to trust her, but the process of getting there is going to be fun for Elise ??

Sasha in 'Latina stranger Sasha fucking in the bed with her tattoos'

Sasha - Latina stranger Sasha fucking in the bed with her tattoos

This sexy lil latin cutie was sweeping the bathroom and hit me in the balls with the broom! To make up for her mistake she made me feel all better!

Nikki in 'Ravishing In Red'

Nikki - Ravishing In Red

Stunning and sexy in red, Nikki slowly works her way out of her dress. Her fishnet stockings and high heels make every movement hotter until those, too, hit the ground. Watch as this hot and horny mommy gets naked and shoves her fingers all the way into her greedy cunt.

Nikki in 'Naughty With Nikki'

Nikki - Naughty With Nikki

Hot hot hot and ready to fuck, Nikki is your dream come true! This hot milf is as horny as they come as she slaps her ass and does a slow and sexy striptease. Thong and bra hitting the ground is just foreplay. She grabs a vibrator and puts that dildo to work on her nips and fuck hole!

Nikki in 'Feels Right'

Nikki - Feels Right

Nikki is a hot mom whose sexual prowess is second to none. She loves wearing flirty clothes that make it easy to embrace her sensual side. Doing a slow striptease just gets this horny housewife hotter than ever, and more than turned on enough to lay herself out on the table and start masturbating.

Nikki in 'Dirty Thirties'

Nikki - Dirty Thirties

Stunning milf Nikki is looking respectable in a nice dress right up until she flips up her skirt to show off her thong and then gets naked to display her matching bra. By the time this slim sex kitten gets naked and grabs a vibrator, her tight horny pussy is wet and ready to go.

Sasha in 'Meet the New Intern'

Sasha - Meet the New Intern

Sasha seems like the real deal on paper, but once you set eyes on this magnificent sex bomb there is no turning back. She takes what she wants, and what she wants is a long hard cock. Not one to turn down the lady, this office meeting gets heated very quickly, and soon the new intern is getting a full load right on the job. Our man explodes right into her waiting mouth. Hopefully her next acquisition is not so big...

Sasha in 'Strawberry Secrets'

Sasha - Strawberry Secrets

Watch this young man go crazy for the taste of his strawberry blonde Russian girlfriend. She does not seem to mind the way he feels either as they try to sample each other in every way possible. The lusty combo gets complete as she licks her man to completion, leaving a creamy topping all over that strawberry hair.

Nikki in 'Booby director'

Nikki - Booby director

Niki was home and expecting a priceless package that her husband had purchased for her. But their handyman apparently dropped it, unbeknownst to Niki. When they opened it up, to her shock and disappointment, the contents were shattered. Niki was not only sad but extremely pissed off. While she was chastising her handyman for his shoddy work, she noticed him staring at her rack. This happened often to her because Niki had a great pair of tits. She told him that her husband would fire him for his negligence. So she decided to make him fuck her and she wouldn't tell her husband. He was scared at first, but Niki was so banging that he had to listen to his dick and plow her. He saved his job and got to fuck a hot chick. Not a bad day to be a handyman!

Nikki in 'Nikkis nipples'

Nikki - Nikkis nipples

Levi and his trusty sidekick were on the expressway driving to the theater when a big booty MILF in distress flagged them down. Hunter surveyed the area to make sure the sexy prey wasn't part of a carjacking setup. Fortunately, the coast was clear, so Levi and his sidekick approached the hot MILF. After the pleasantries, they invited her inside the car. Nikki revealed that her boyfriend found out about her husband. He kicked her out of his car and drove off with her purse. Levi offered a helping hand which she accepted, and soon enough, she'd found herself at his place with a hard cock in her pretty mouth. Levi fucked the big booty MILF all over the living room and then sent her on her way drenched in cum.

Nikki in 'Super sucked'

Nikki - Super sucked

I found a super hot blonde last week named Nikki just sitting all alone at this bench. Turned out, she was on her lunch break from her shitty job that didn't pay much. Nikki was very nice, so I got to talking to her about hooking her up with some real money. She was totally into me, so I suggested we go fool around in a nearby staircase that was very secluded. Once Nikki saw how much money I was throwing down, she was all about it. She got straight to sucking my cock while I played with her awesome juicy titties. You won't want to miss this hottie moaning and screaming like crazy in the hallway, as she got a serious pussy pounding. It was super hot!

Sasha in 'Made to suffer, made to cum - restrictive bondage equals squirting orgasm'

Sasha - Made to suffer, made to cum - restrictive bondage equals squirting orgasm

21 year old is made to cum for the second time in her life. Made to squirt. Restrictive metal bondage makes her puffy pussy wet.

Nikki in 'Bathtublotion'

Nikki - Bathtublotion

Petite Nikki hides in the tub so she can tease her pussy with her favorite toy

Nikki in 'Roof-Top Cock!'

Nikki - Roof-Top Cock!

Today's Blow Job Fridays takes place in an unusual setting. We're headed to the roof-top folks. Yup! To witness a kick-ass chick suck some dick. Nikki is an all natural babe with a banging body. Her skin is smooth as butter with a sexy tan, a handful of tits, a nice ass, and a pussy that looks oh so delicious. Damn! I wish it was me, but my boy Ryan is going to handle the business. Ryan's somewhere on the roof-top waiting butt naked ready for Nikki. All I know is that Ryan got the best dick sucking of his life and I got to witness a sexy babe give some head. Now it's your turn. Enjoy!

Nikki in 'Defeets the Johnson'

Nikki - Defeets the Johnson

Welcome to Footjob wednesday's, today we present you with the stunning Nikki Johnson, this chick is smoking hot, thick thighs, tight body and adorable pedicured feet. Mojito comes by to examine the feet and do what he does best suck and fuck feet. Nikki can barely contain herself, but she manages to keep it together to stroke and rub Mojito's rock hard dick. It was only a matter of time before he blast a huge load all over her feet. Enjoy

Nikki in 'Johnson's got her hands full'

Nikki - Johnson's got her hands full

Nikki Johnson is only nineteen years old, but she's already becoming quite a porn starlet. She knows how to do it too. She can make a man bust his load in no time. That's why I had to get her with Brannon, he's been looking stressed lately. Nikki is hot too, she has a fat ass, a nice cute set of boobies and a kung fu grip. Believe it or not she had her first taste of vagina before she had a cock. But you know what they say about lesbians, They're just girls in desperate need of some deep dicking. Nikki's got her hands full.

Nikki in 'Get's Slammed'

Nikki - Get's Slammed

Hey peep's! This week's Bigmouthful is sweet. We brought this chick Nikki with the tightest body we've seen in a while. Things start off slow with a little strip show followed up with some light petting. Soon followed some aggressive cock sucking! The new guy buddy had no complaints. Once Buddy was at full mass he jammed his cock in Nikki's tight pussy. After Nikki gets fucked in every position known to man she get's on all fours eats Buddy's Babies! (NO BABIES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO)

Nikki in 'Surfer Girl Gets Pounded'

Nikki - Surfer Girl Gets Pounded

Nikki is a surfer girl on a mission. She's interested in making some cash so she can buy a new surfboard and she's going to let Bang Bros record her with a camera fucking and sucking some cock. Nikki is new at this, but not at getting fucked or fucking like a champ. She digs Preston and Preston feels the same about her. A cute surfer girl like Nikki needs to get her pussy licked and asshole tongued till she's ripe for the dicking. From the floor to the desk and back to the floor the two of them get it on like it was their first time. Nikki's got a cute set of tatas and a nice, firm ass that she got from surfing those big waves all day. You got to love surfer girls. They're tanned, tight and wet all night. Enjoy!

Sasha in 'Innocent 19 year old first-timer and Alpha equals Pure Magic'

Sasha - Innocent 19 year old first-timer and Alpha equals Pure Magic

19-year-old hottie Sasha metal bound in old-fashioned strappado and machine fucked for the first time.

Sasha in 'How do you get a sweet, shy 19-year-old girl to open up and come out of her shell'

Sasha - How do you get a sweet, shy 19-year-old girl to open up and come out of her shell

Adorable first-timer, 19-year-old Sasha metal-bound in a spread-eagle and coming hard.

Sasha in 'Party and Bullshit'

Sasha - Party and Bullshit

Party and Bullshit is the theme of the night!Just drink, have fun, party and bullshit!Girls getting naked, shaking their tail feather and getting pounded and sucking dick! Ain't nothing better than that baby. Check it out!

Sasha in 'Bedvibe'

Sasha - Bedvibe

After playing with her hard nipples, Sasha enjoys and good finger fucking and dildo fucking.