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Alexa in 'Getting Sluts To Understand'

Alexa - Getting Sluts To Understand

Jewels is a spoiled little brat. She never listens and always has everything handed to her, but looks like thats about to stop for good. Alexa is her french tutor, and always seems to have a hard time actually helping Jewels because its either she doesnt pay attention or does other things instead of actually being interested in the topic. As Alexa is trying to go over some basic phrases, Jewels gets a phone call, answers it right away, and officially cares less about everything else. She even has the balls to get up and walk to the other room for some privacy. Alexa just sits there with her binder SHOCKED. She goes to follow her to lay down the law, but as she peeks around the corner, she sees Jewels having phone sex with her boyfriend and playing with herself. Alexa gets a bit turned on by this, and starts also playing with herself as she peers from the doorway. She then confronts Jewels, hides her phone, and starts being one dominant bitch. The only way Alexa can ever get Jewels to pay attention is if its something she finds stimulating, So she pushes her against the wall and brings on the DYKING heavy style. From harsh pussy rubbing, to mouthfuls of muff, we think that after this session Jewels can definitely say LESSON LEARNED!

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Alexa in 'Alexa, Horny Teen Enjoys a Good Fuck'

Alexa - Alexa, Horny Teen Enjoys a Good Fuck

Blonde, horny and an incredible body, that's right it's of course Alexa and she returns in Private Specials, Young Nymphos ready for a date with her man Nikolas. This sexy teen puts on her best dress for the occasion however it won't stay on for long as Nikolas immediately removes it and dives in for a taste of that delicious pussy. Then watch as Alexa returns the favour with a sloppy blowjob getting all warmed up before opening her legs for the main event… a real good fucking that has her writhing in pleasure before a juicy creampie to finish.

Alexa in 'Debuts with Massage and Anal'

Alexa - Debuts with Massage and Anal

Today in Private Specials, Anal Loving Teens 2 we introduce you to the spectacular young teen Alexa who has come to give a massage to her man Nikolas, however things inevitably heat up and before you know it they're both naked, covered in oil and ready for a real good time. Watch Alexa show off her cock sucking skills before the lucky Nikolas returns the favour by getting a taste of that beautiful pussy, then enjoy the sight of this gorgeous teen in action as Alexa takes a rough anal pounding all the way to hot cumshot all over that tight little booty.`

Alexa in 'Bang My Asshole 4 Scene 1'

Alexa - Bang My Asshole 4 Scene 1

Euro cuties ready for some deep anal action take huge cocks in the butthole with a big smile on their pretty faces. Max Turbo once again delivers the goods in a scorching hot bang-a-thon!

Alexa in 'Lucky seat'

Alexa - Lucky seat

Levi and Pauly went out four-wheeling and got stranded in the middle of the woods. Luckily, there was still a cell signal, and a girl Levi knew who lived close by was home. Soon Alexa was on her way to save the day. While she took a look at the engine, Levi couldn't keep his hands off this beautiful blonde MILF with her plump round ass. Alexa told him to try starting it again, and it cranked right up. Levi felt he needed to repay her; and how else but to give her a deep hard fuck, tape it, and pay her to let him and Pauly use it? Alexa wanted a good pounding and some extra cash, so she figured why not. They went back to the crib, and soon, we saw the rest of Alexa's firm sexy body, sweet succulent tits, and ass and tight juicy pussy. Levi was all over her and pounded that pussy proper until he exploded on Alexa's face.

Alexa in 'A German, blonde bra-buster with a body that will not stop'

Alexa - A German, blonde bra-buster with a body that will not stop

We photographed German bombshell Alexa once and we've been trying to hook up again ever since. She has a slim, beautiful body, and she photographs beautifully from any angle or position. When one of our photographers returned from Prague, he briefed me about this blonde hottie who was picked to be the covergirl for the January 2010 issue of SCORE magazine. A dancer and an entertainer, Alexa flew to Prague, Czech Republic from nearby Berlin for this video.

Alexa in 'Reddildo'

Alexa - Reddildo

Beautiful 18+ girl massages her delicate pussy with a shimmering glass phallic toy