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Ariana in 'The Morning After'

Ariana - The Morning After

After a relaxing night at home, Ariana sure knows the right moves to please her man the next morning. She climbs on top of him in her thinnest most revealing clothes, allowing him to grab wherever he pleases. After feeling the heat from her radiant vagina, he know she was just about ready for his throbbing cock. He fucked her face and then pussy with great vigor, complimented by Arianas gasps of pleasure. He decided to triple dip his love stick and even stretch out her asshole, which Ariana had secretly been begging for. Shes also been craving a white creamy load all over her pussy and ass. We know our boy is a giver, but did he go the extra mile? Its up to you to find out...

Ariana in 'Shiatsu Happens'

Ariana - Shiatsu Happens

When giving a hot oil massage, you can expect your client to leave stress free. When giving a nude hot oil massage to a sexy babe, you can expect your client to leave well fucked and covered in semen. This is what happened to Ariana. Only minutes into her massage it took for her masseur to take off his clothes and start licking her asshole and pussy. Since her body was so slippery from the oil, he couldnt help but sticking his dick inside. Not only did Ariana not mind, but took that fuck stick with sheer glee, and his shot of slightly curdled gism too! Shiatsu Happens when you get massages naked.

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Ariana in 'Tastes Like Honey'

Ariana - Tastes Like Honey

Dressed like the sexy and slightly slutty schoolgirl of your dreams, Ariana is a hotblooded teen who is always down to fuck. You'll want to lick your way across her tan lines and then sample her nipples to begin. When she spreads her thighs to bring her pretty pussy out to play, there's even more fun licking to be had.

Ariana in 'My Perfect Tits'

Ariana - My Perfect Tits

Dressed in a sheer robe and lingerie, Latvian teen Ariana is an absolute stunner in white. She has the most perfect curves, with her tan lined breasts and her smooth bare pussy. Spreading her thighs to show off her meaty twat is second nature, and she can't get enough of doing it!

Ariana in 'Lounging'

Ariana - Lounging

When you see a hot number like Ariana in a miniskirt and a sheer crop top, you have to know you're about to be in for a very good time. Showing off her incredible naturals is high on this coed's list of priorities, and so is getting down and dirty with her fingers in her meaty snatch.

Ariana in 'Clean And Dirty'

Ariana - Clean And Dirty

Getting naked is always fun for Ariana, but especially when the teen knows she's about to get slippery wet in the shower so her fingers feel luscious on her bare skin. Her tan lines stand out beautifully against her boobies and her creamy coochie, a visual tease for the main event of enjoying her sexy bod.

Diva in 'The Mistletoe'

Diva - The Mistletoe

Ariana hangs the mistletoe every year on the same day. It's her own sort of personal tradition that guarantees she has the mind-blowing Christmas that she yearns for every single year. Ariana is so excited this year because her girlfriend Diva came over to celebrate with her. Diva has a different idea of what Christmas means. She couldn't care less about giving gifts, and filling up with turkey. For her it's the season for connecting with those she loves. Diva knows that she will be able to satisfy Ariana's excitement for Christmas and stay true to her own traditions.After filling up with Turkey, Ariana is excited to open the gifts! Diva has a different plan in mind, so she passionately kisses Ariana under the mistletoe. Ariana's luck has turned out the way she hoped and she feels compelled to let Diva open the first gift. A gingerbread cookie she slaved over that morning. Diva is surprised at how cute her girlfriend is and since she's not one for giving gifts she has something else on her mind.As their over-sized sweaters come off, the two get heated with Christmas passion. Their tender kisses draw lust and fervent yearnings from one another. Minutes later once each has had her pussy kissed and licked they can't resist the taste of passion oozing from one another's tender lips. Their eyes connect as they finger each other's sweet shaved pussies, posed eye to eye, releasing cry after cry of passionate moans, eventually coming from the heat of the friction of their soft bodies entwined, and the look of magic and lust in each other's eyes. Both their Christmas wishes come true, and as they lie back, they share their body heat, caressing and embracing until morning.

Ariana in 'Buttwoman 2'

Ariana - Buttwoman 2

In the crazy 1990s: At the precinct, bitchy brunette Police Captain Lia Baren demands a report from undercover vice officer Ari, who's decked out in a trampy black leather mini-skirt. Ari shows the captain how she lures johns into her trap. Officer going down - Lia bends over and has her underling rim her asshole. The sultry detective services her superior's cunt, shoving a vibrator into Lia, then letting her boss finger and suck her pussy to orgasm. Unfortunately, this lesbian briefing is cut short by a call. It's fucked when police work gets in the way of station house business!

Madison in 'Buttwoman 2'

Madison - Buttwoman 2

In the crazy 1990s: Police Captain Lia Baren joins detective Ari, Tianna (aka Buttwoman) and cellmate Mikela in an all-girl, jailhouse muff diving orgy. The ladies - both cop and criminal - lose their inhibitions as they masturbate, eat juicy pussy and pound each other with phallic toys ... all as short-haired pervert Tianna captures the action on video. Lia even climbs the cell bars at the head of their nasty lesbian daisy chain! The cops oil up Mikela's fine ass and violate her with anal dildos, then turn their attention to Tianna. Everybody gangs up to make Buttwoman cum!