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Berlyn Toy in 'Tiny Blasian Thottie With A Body'

Berlyn Toy - Tiny Blasian Thottie With A Body

Berlyn Toy has a lot of energy. Its like somebody put a battery in her back and flipped the on switch. She hops around in fishnets and kitty ears as she strips down, showing us her cute petite titties and bouncy black ass. As soon as she gets naked, she starts yelling that she is ready to fuck right now. Who could deny this cutie? Our stud shows up and is ready to fulfill her every desire. She takes his pipe down to the source, demonstrating that black girl head always has been and always will be the best. She keeps her kitty ears on while she is guided across the floor on all fours, climbing onto the couch to get dogged from behind. Our stud pulls this cuties pigtails while he hits every angle. She screams thank you as he slaps his cock on her mouth and drips his nutter butter down her throat. Have you every fucked a girl with as much energy as Berlyn?

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Berlyn Toy in 'Blasian Maid Swallows my Cock'

Berlyn Toy - Blasian Maid Swallows my Cock

This week we order a cleaning service. This hot Blasian chick named Berlyn arrived at my crib. As she cleaned, she was so fucking talkative that I couldn't wait to shove my cock in her mouth. After cleaning for a bit. I asked her if she would clean in her underwear for a bump on her pay. She was hesitant but eventually agreed after. She continued to clean the house and she continued to talk. Now in the bathroom, I asked her to go completely nude for double the original offer. She now snatched the cash out of my hand quickly. Once she was already cleaning naked, I surprised her by getting naked myself and having her catch me as she turned the corner. Not long after she had my cock deep down her throat. This chick polished my cock clean. Then it was time to fuck her all over my bedroom before busting all over her face. Once I was done I told her to keep on cleaning.

Berlyn Toy in 'Today We Met Crazy.. The Blasian Squirter'

Berlyn Toy - Today We Met Crazy.. The Blasian Squirter

We have a wild episode for you today. After Peter Green wasted our time taking us to his girls place for NOTHING we go back on the hunt. Now that its over I'm super happy that we found a rando. We found this half black, half Asian girl talking on the phone that i interrupted. We find out thats she's out looking for a job after i offered the first $50. This girl turned out to be shy before rapidly showing us the crazy. The pick up has a lot of great moments that easily transitioned into going inside the van. OMG ill skip all the inside fun to get to the sex beast! This chick swallows Peters whole cock to give a great bj before getting her pussy fucked. This chick screams like a true Asian throughout. She cums multiple times and even squirts a couple more. Make sure you don't miss her 'enjoy his cock, like a HOE' as she simply put it.