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Blake in 'Therapy For The Sexually Deprived'

Blake - Therapy For The Sexually Deprived

Blake visits her friend Samantha for a friendly therapy session. She just went through a rocky divorce where her partner was extremely violent towards her, and not in a passionate way either. It started to become disturbing for her. Samantha listens with open ears, and cant help but start to feel hot in her nether regions about it. This is where Samantha decides to offer Blake her special therapy session. She sets her arms up in bondage and continues to do all the sensual things she has been craving to make her feel wanted again. She caresses her from head to toe, then really lets her true dyke out. They take turns licking each others cunts then trib each other out until the sheer heat from their pussies is unbearable. After cooling down with some more pussy and asslicking, they then proceed to cuddle, and Blake is really finally starting to get over her ex partner, and definitely looking forward to next weeks session.

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Elise Graves in 'Pussy Face'

Elise Graves - Pussy Face

Elise likes to control others in the bedroom. Of this, there is no doubt. She would have been happy to place her friend Faye into sexy leather bondage and fuck her brains out on the fuck cart, but no, Elise wanted more. Elise places Faye on the cart while Blake is trussed up in a leather Christopher Fetish butterfly straitjacket. His legs are bent and tied, resulting in him suffering on his knees. Electrical beads are inserted into Faye?s beautiful pussy and Elise then instructs Blake to begin licking Faye?s clit. If he does a good enough job, Elise will provide some relief for Blake?s knees. As it turns out, Blake is a pretty good pussy licker. So good, in fact, that Elise decides to reward him with the electrical beads up his ass as a dildo face gag is placed into his mouth and on his head. Elise instructs Blake to begin fucking as she cranks the electro up in his ass. The dichotomy of pleasuring Faye while tormenting Blake really turns Elise on.

Elise Graves in 'Leather Fuck Toy'

Elise Graves - Leather Fuck Toy

Although I am vegan, I have to admit that leather is sexy. After locking Blake into a leather straitjacket and dressing him in thigh-high heavy leather boots, I am beginning to get turned on. Securing him onto my Serious Bondage Fuck Cart only increases my desire to fuck. I couldn?t help but dress myself in leather pants and boots to complete the circle. Blake?s young face is so cute, I wanted to fuck it with my cock. He seems to be quite an eager lad, and so I take my cock to his ass next. We are deeply connected as I am deep inside of him. We share orgasms and I leave him so that I can admire my work.

Blake in 'Under My Spell'

Blake - Under My Spell

Blake is under Elise's spell - he has no other option that to be. Elise has Blake in a heavy rubber total encasement straitjacket suit. She locks his rubber-clad body into her heavy wood bondage bed at his ankles - locking his legs spread open. His head is controlled by a gas mask hood, complete with a long hose that eventually is connected to a special piece of gear that allows Elise full control over Blake. Elise outfits Blake's ass and cock with an electrical plug and electrical bands. She plays with Blake, making him moan and scream. His cock is fully erect as Elise teases him with light touches and strokes. All the while, Blake is fully aware of each breath that he takes. This scene is very sexy, as the connection between Blake and Elise is sublimely felt. It's easy to slip yourself into either of their places. What is it like to have utter control of another? What does it feel like to have absolutely no control over your own body? Find out.

Blake in 'Lucky Girl in Rubber'

Blake - Lucky Girl in Rubber

I was not expecting to get to play with this sexy woman today. No, I was planning on playing with Blake only. However, he brought along his girlfriend who seemed pretty excited to explore her own boundaries. I obliged. Blake is very caring and soothes Faye's anxieties with kisses all over her body - face, tits and pussy included. When we feel she is sufficiently calm, I move to put her into the extremely tight rubber rest sack. Since Faye is already wearing a tight rubber hood with only small nose holes, she must be guided every step of the way. Once Blake and I zip her into the sack, we have full reign of her body, her mind, and her sex. We manipulate her pussy, her to orgasm repeatedly, which arouses me. Seeing this super hot woman highly packed away in rubber, with only her pussy exposed for the taking, encouraged me to jump on top of her to use this spectacle for my own sexual pleasure. She ceased being a person and instead became my tool for sexual gratification. Sexy!

Elise Graves in 'Properties of an Electric Charge'

Elise Graves - Properties of an Electric Charge

Elise Graves loves new playmates, especially when they are sensitive, expressive and game for anything! Blake provides those qualities and more, which allows for Elise to dive into the play zone. In securing Blake into an ass-up position in her Serious Bondage bed, Elise begins to get aroused. Seeing Blake in such a vulnerable position turns Elise on. With Blake blindfolded and exposed, he can only trust Elise to take him on an unexpected journey. Elise responds to her arousal by shoving electrical beads up Blake's ass. These beads, along with additional electrics, allows Elise to control every aspect of Blake's attention. Peppering in some flogging, tickling, and stroking of his cock, Elise then takes control of Blake's complete awareness. Elise and Blake really hit it off and entered a very sexy play space together for all our pleasure to watch!

Jessica Ryan in 'Double Feature: 'Please Goddess More Pain' and 'Knee The Balls''

Jessica Ryan - Double Feature: 'Please Goddess More Pain' and 'Knee The Balls'

Please Goddess More PainActors: Edyn Blair and BlakePoor guy all tied up and vulnerable. Especially his balls, which are just sitting there exposed, waiting for Lady Edyn to damage them. She definitely takes pleasure in hitting slave balls, watching her captive male writhe around in pain. It makes for fun afternoon entertainment. The slave thought his cock and balls were getting a break when he saw Lady Edyn step away. Unfortunately for him she stepped away to get more toys to torment this cock with. Looks like he has another round of suffering to endure to please her.__________________________________________________________________________Knee The BallsActors: Jessica Ryan, Leya Falcon and BlakeBoth Princess Leya and Goddess Jessica are known for their cruelty towards male slaves. So when you put both ladies together in the same room with male slave balls, you know those balls are going to suffer a most painful fate.

Gia DiMarco in 'Obsessed foot fanatic punished and made to worship sweaty feet!'

Gia DiMarco - Obsessed foot fanatic punished and made to worship sweaty feet!

Foot fanatic is punished and made to worship sweaty feet then drained of his cum from a tormenting footjob!

Blake in 'Your Pain Is My Pleasure'

Blake - Your Pain Is My Pleasure

Lorelei Lee dishes out pain, chastity, CBT and ass worship to devoted slaveboy.

Blake in '- A Straight Jock'

Blake - - A Straight Jock

Blake is a straight guy with a keen interest in bondage but he doesn't get a lot of chances to play. He comes to Men on Edge to push his limits. He's tied arms up to spread out his lean build and he endures chest and gut punching with the nipple clamps, as well as a full suspension where we almost give him a chance to cum. Tied to a bed we jack him and fuck his ass with a dildo. For a straight guy, he has a beautiful wide hole. Flipped over we stretch his straight hole, cane his ass, and fuck him some more. Arms back on the metal bars in the stairway we flog his chest and abs. He squats down and fucks himself with a dildo while he's edged again and again. When he finally gets to cum we keep jacking his dick and palming his head as he begging for us to stop.

Nicki Hunter in 'Humiliation Personified'

Nicki Hunter - Humiliation Personified

Nicki Hunter humiliates slave and uses him as a human dildo allowing him to cum on her feet then using him as a foot sponge.

Mercedes Lynn in 'No Wieners at the Hot Dog Cart'

Mercedes Lynn - No Wieners at the Hot Dog Cart

Hey people... this week on Party of 3 Mercedes was left alone and sad so she decided to stop wallowing in her sorrows and go find some pussy. While cruising through Miami she ran into 2 bad ass females named Blake and Sin. These two were ironically hanging out in front of a hot dog cart. I found this to be very interesting... needless to say Mercedes used her swagger and snatched these broads up for an afternoon romp back at Blakes place. These 3 ladies were horny as all hell and super aggressive... biting and spanking each other. This is one hell of a lesbian threesome. We hope you enjoy and your welcome!

Isis Love in 'Dream Come True'

Isis Love - Dream Come True

Long time fan gets to worship Goddess Isis Love's boots, pussy, ass and then is used as a sex toy and punished for cumming inside her!

Maitresse Madeline in 'Foot Fetish Extreme'

Maitresse Madeline - Foot Fetish Extreme

Footslave is made to worship, sniff and clean two hot dominatrix sweaty beautiful feet while spanked and enduring CBT with a final kinky footjob.