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Charity Crawford in 'Brothers Break Up Plan'

Charity Crawford - Brothers Break Up Plan

Charity Crawford looks like she walked out of a swimsuit catalog. She has that crisp supermodel look going for her along with a very sexy Southern drawl. Her pervert stepbrother was caught spying on her with a camera as he was trying to get some great shots of her body to jerk off to later. She hit him right in the ball sack when she spotted his voyeur creep plan in progress. He is in pain, so she asks if she can see it. He unzips it to show her he has a boner. She is shocked, but likes it. Her stepbrother insists that she help him make it feel better. He guilts her into kissing it and sucking it. The next day she wants a ride to her boyfriend's place. Her brother tells her he will need a blowjob to be her Uber driver. She gives him head in the car, but her boyfriend spotted them and broke up with her. She was upset, but her brother says he can make her feel better while she shows him up for breaking up with her. His plan is to have her fuck him. She is good with this idea and soon her fucking perfect body is getting drilled and slapped. Stepbrother loves fucking the world's hottest stepsister. He gets good slaps in on her tits and ass as he ravages her pussy with his dick. He finally blows a massive load all up inside her warm and sweet little mouth.

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Charity Crawford in 'No Right Choice - Father Hustles Nanny Into Fucking Him'

Charity Crawford - No Right Choice - Father Hustles Nanny Into Fucking Him

Slutty nanny has to make the choice of fucking her boss or losing her job after getting hustled.

Charity Crawford in 'Amazing Blowjob for Christmas'

Charity Crawford - Amazing Blowjob for Christmas

Charity Crawford is horny for some good dick. It's Christmas time and she needs a good gift. She sucks dick like a pro for ten minutes until he cums all in her mouth. She wants every last drop. She deep throats, takes out her perky tits, and jerks him off to completion. Merry Dickmas from Charity.

Charity Crawford in 'Remote Controlled Orgasms'

Charity Crawford - Remote Controlled Orgasms

Charity Crawford uses a remote controlled vibrator to cum repeatedly.

Charity Crawford in 'Horny Stepsis Gets Stepbro To Massage Her Pussy'

Charity Crawford - Horny Stepsis Gets Stepbro To Massage Her Pussy

Stepsis seduces her stepbro and convinces him to massage her pussy.

Charity Crawford in 'Tiny Pleasures'

Charity Crawford - Tiny Pleasures

Charity Crawford toys her pussy with a dildo before taking on the real thing.

Charity Crawford in 'Creampies For Charity'

Charity Crawford - Creampies For Charity

Charity Crawford gets her pussy creampied multiple times.

Charity Crawford in 'Camming With Stepbro'

Charity Crawford - Camming With Stepbro

Charity Crawford gets caught camming by her step bro but convinces him to join in on the fun.

Charity Crawford in 'Facialed Charity'

Charity Crawford - Facialed Charity

Charity Crawford does an oily tease before getting fucked and facialed.

Charity Crawford in 'Why is Your Cock Out Stepbro'

Charity Crawford - Why is Your Cock Out Stepbro

Charity was sleeping peacefully in her bedroom when her stepbrother sneaked in with a different idea in mind, He wanted to see her in her sleep. When she felt his presence, she woke up shocked, her stepbrother had his cock out. She got outraged, when he explained to her that he could not help himself because she is extremely hot, and he loves her tits and ass, Charity got to turn on, she got horny and decided to fuck her stepbrother.

Charity Crawford in 'Smokin' Hot Charity on a Rooftop'

Charity Crawford - Smokin' Hot Charity on a Rooftop

Charity Crawford is on a mission to get back at her cheating boyfriend, so when a stranger walks by and helps her off the roof, she decides to fuck him in her ex's house! Charity backs her juicy ass onto his big dick, filling her tight little pussy with all the dick it can take!

Charity Crawford in 'Rough and Wet'

Charity Crawford - Rough and Wet

Charity Crawford gets oiled up before having rough sex with J-mac.

Charity Crawford in 'Right In The Pussy'

Charity Crawford - Right In The Pussy

What's the best way to get people to pay attention to the important news impacting their communities? Hire a gorgeous reporter, put her in a sexy red pencil skirt, and send her out to get the scoop! We bring you now to hotshot brunette reporter Charity Crawford, who has had enough of trying to go live without some dickhead interrupting her with lewd comments. Or maybe she just needs to give head to some dick, especially when she spots bystander JMac with a cock demanding more of her attention than any news item ever could. Charity tries her best to report on the scene while having her tits felt up, then gets down to blowjob business in her dogged pursuit of the truth. Then Charity bends over her action van, and what comes after gives new meaning to “FHRITP!”

Charity Crawford in 'Prank Whores Sexy Robbery'

Charity Crawford - Prank Whores Sexy Robbery

Charity Crawford and Evelin Stone are a couple of smoking hot robbers on a mission to suck and fuck Tony Rubino's huge dick! Taking turns filling their tight pussies and sucking on each other's perky little tits, these bubble butt hotties share every drop of cum!

Charity Crawford in 'Legs For Days'

Charity Crawford - Legs For Days

Charity Crawford does some sexy teases before having sex and getting facialed.

Charity Crawford in 'All Tied Up'

Charity Crawford - All Tied Up

Charity Crawford gets tied up and brought to the verge of cumming until she is begging for cock.

Charity Crawford in 'Charity Post Workout Protein Shake'

Charity Crawford - Charity Post Workout Protein Shake

Charity decides to take a shower in her friends house where she catches Jmac's attention. Jmac sneaks into the room where he spies on her as she takes a hot shower. He looses her mind as he hears her moan as she rubs on her pussy. She catches him and quickly invites him in so she can suck him off. She surprised on the size of his dick before she finally starts giving a great sucking. Jmac goes wild on her pussy as he fucks her hard from crazy positions until he feeds her his load.

Charity Crawford in 'Bonding With Bondage'

Charity Crawford - Bonding With Bondage

Charity Crawford gets tied up and brought to the verge of cumming until she is begging for cock.

Charity Crawford in 'Test 101 - Charity's Girlfriend Xperience'

Charity Crawford - Test 101 - Charity's Girlfriend Xperience

Charity Crawford loves buying new clothes, and luckily for her boyfriend she hates paying for them! After a quick trip to the mall, Charity is happy to riding her man's big dick, bouncing her tight ass, and getting her perfect tits glazed in cum!

Charity Crawford in 'Naked New Year'

Charity Crawford - Naked New Year

After partying all night for New Year's, Male Talent takes home a stranger (Charity) for a passionate New Year's First Fuck.

Charity Crawford in 'Cum In The Pool'

Charity Crawford - Cum In The Pool

Charity Crawford seduces her maintenance man and convinces him to cum in the pool with her.

Cecilia Lion in 'Locker Room Double Dildo'

Cecilia Lion - Locker Room Double Dildo

What started as Cecelia Lion's innocent prank on her roomie Charity Crawford while she was in the shower quickly turned naughty, as the two teen beauties licked, tribbed, and even busted out a strap-on to please each other's tight pink pussies!

Charity Crawford in 'Bouncing Spinner Tush'

Charity Crawford - Bouncing Spinner Tush

Charity Crawford does a dance tease before getting fucked by J-Mac's big dick.

Charity Crawford in 'Bratty Babe Outdoor Sex'

Charity Crawford - Bratty Babe Outdoor Sex

Charity Crawford might have a bit of an attitude, but she's also got one of the best asses around! Good thing this brunette with the booty likes big cocks, blowjobs, and public sex almost as much as she likes cold, hard cash!

Charity Crawford in 'Celeb Look-Alike in Thong Bikini'

Charity Crawford - Celeb Look-Alike in Thong Bikini

Charity Crawford might not be a real-life celebrity, but she was close enough to make one lifelong fan! Good thing she's a sucker for flattery, otherwise this amateur sex tape and facial cumshot might have ended way different!

Charity Crawford in 'and Kyle Mason in My Sister's Hot Friend'

Charity Crawford - My Sisters Hot Friend

Charity Crawford's friend isn't home, but her friend's brother Kyle is! It's a pleasant surprise for Charity, because she's been dying to get into Kyle's pants for a long, long time. He happens to be fixing the hot tub for a soak outside when she arrives, and nobody else is home, which gives Charity an idea: it's fuck time! She invites herself into the hot tub while he's wrenching on it, but when he bitches at her —oops!, there goes her top, tits out. Dumbfounded, Kyle tries to quiet and cover his sister's loud, horny friend, but her clothes keep coming off! In attempt to shut her up, he carries the nude brunette into the house and decides his only salvation is just what she wants: sex! With a big dick down her throat, Charity's giving spirit shines through.

Charity Crawford in 'Footjob and Pantyhose Play'

Charity Crawford - Footjob and Pantyhose Play

Charity Crawford's BF loves playing with her pantyhose. When she caught him, instead of getting mad, she decided to get naked! First, she wrapped the pantyhose around his hard cock, and then rubbed it with her pretty feet until she was ready to fuck!

Charity Crawford in 'No Right Choice - Father Hustles Nanny Into Fucking Him'

Charity Crawford - No Right Choice - Father Hustles Nanny Into Fucking Him

Slutty nanny has to make the choice of fucking her boss or losing her job after getting hustled.

Charity Crawford in 'Dredd 2'

Charity Crawford - Dredd 2

Sexy teen Charity Crawford takes on Dredd, do you think it's going to fit? To say Charity Crawford loves black cock would be an understatement, Charity needs black cock and who better to give her what she needs than Dredd, the new monster cock. This slutty teen shows up thinking that she's going to be doing some modelling for a new photographer but there's a lot more in store for her. Charity strips out of her white lingerie and teases Dredd to make him nice and hard for her. She's not sure if she's going to be able to fit that huge BBC in her mouth, it's bigger than her head, but she's definitely going to try. Charity slobbers all over that thick cock as she tries to take it all. When it's nice and sloppy she spreads her pussy wide open and Dredd slides that BBC into her tight hole. It barely fits but Charity can't get enough, she wants more. She jumps on top and impales herself on Dredd's cock as her pussy stretches to the max. He finishes her off with a sticky facial and she gladly licks it all up. I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of this teen whore.

Charity Crawford in 'Toyed and Facialed'

Charity Crawford - Toyed and Facialed

Charity gets her pussy toyed before taking a facial.

Valentina Nappi in 'Enjoy My Husband'

Valentina Nappi - Enjoy My Husband

Having moved into a nice, new suburban neighborhood, Charity is intrigued by the couple across the street. They seem nice, friendly, young and attractive. One day they invite her over for an early glass of wine and dinner, but before the husband can finish sauteing the vegetables, his wife is already giving the Charity a surprise, sensual welcome. After enjoying watching his wife kiss and caress the beautiful young lady, unveiling her beautifully trim body, he soon moves in for a scorching yet sensual threesome as the two ladies put their lips and tongues on his engorged cock and take turns as he drives his phallus into their willing, wet love nests for a piece de resistance that she never thought possible.

Charity Crawford in 'Sensual Yoga'

Charity Crawford - Sensual Yoga

Charity gets her pussy toyed before taking a facial.

Charity Crawford in 'Exotic Beauty'

Charity Crawford - Exotic Beauty

Charity Crawford makes love to her man before getting a facial.

Charity Crawford in 'Sneaky Stepsis Slithers Into Stepbro's Bed'

Charity Crawford - Sneaky Stepsis Slithers Into Stepbro's Bed

Charity sneaks into her stepbro's bed while he's taking a nap.

Charity Crawford in 'Over The Edge'

Charity Crawford - Over The Edge

Charity didn't expect her modelling career to take off so quickly and her agent now wants her to expand her portfolio. She suggests lingerie as he best place to start and she knows exactly who she wants to shoot it. She has a great chemistry with this photographer and she loves working with him. As a bonus, this is the perfect time to see him again. After an extremely intimate shoot, the sexual tension is so much higher than usual. It's only a matter of time before things take the turn she is expecting.

Charity Crawford in 'Real Life 22'

Charity Crawford - Real Life 22

Charity might be one of the tightest bodied teens we've ever shot! Her fit, young body gets manhandled and treated right by Ryan as he plows her pussy in a hot new Real Life episode! Even though she's not on birth control, she can't help but beg for his load deep inside her.

Charity Crawford in 'Teddy Bears, Feet and Sex'

Charity Crawford - Teddy Bears, Feet and Sex

Charity Crawford needs some comfort and she is hugging her teddy bear. But what she really wants to hug is a thick cock; she wants to suck and please it with her feet before getting it into her 18 year old pussy. Bill Bailey shows up and provides all the charm and dick the cute brunette has been craving. And just like in a fairy tale it has a happy ending.

Charity Crawford in 'Brake's Biggest Fans Adventures'

Charity Crawford - Brake's Biggest Fans Adventures

Charity and Jaye are the biggest Brake fans in the world. They have all his albums and got to all of his concerts. They fantasise about Brake all the time and when they are picked out of the crowd at his last show, they cannot believe their luck. They are already very close, but have never shared a guy before, so this really is their ultimate dream come true. When they finally get to see him, they are completely starstruck, but he soon puts them both at ease and gives Ithem exactly what they've been wanting for so long.

Charity Crawford in 'Young and Adventurous'

Charity Crawford - Young and Adventurous

Charity is an actress. People have always told her about the bad stuff. Rejection, competition. But they never told her that sometimes dreams do come true, and Charity is about to embark on her biggest role, playing the girlfriend of a big Hollywood star, and she can't believe her luck. She used to fantasise about him, and she gets so nervous when she rehearses the intimate scenes - until he invites her to his house to go over it together. She is very anxious, and it shows. When she admits that she has always had a crush on him, he finds it endearing and tells her to just go with her instincts. Needless to say, she does.

Charity Crawford in 'Wet Dance'

Charity Crawford - Wet Dance

Charity lubes up and gets a little bit of help from Johnny.