Krystal Orchid in Team Skeet - To Cum, Or Not To Cum (Innocent High)


Team Skeet scene description

Krystal has been struggling big time learning her lines for the schools rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Good thing her drama teacher came right to the rescue! He saw how tense and nervous he was, so first he helped her relax with some breathing exercises. When she felt calm, she tried again. She still couldnt nail it. What she needed was a real life Romeo to play off of! Her drama teacher laid down on the desk and hoped it would help. She still could not focus on her lines though because she sees his raging bulge. She gives it a kiss and then starts to suck. This practice for a school play quickly turns into a modern day XXX Shakespeare fuck fest. Ramming Krystals tight fire crotch, those moans that came out were not acting. This scene from innocent high left us wondering TO CUM ON HER FACE, OR NOT TO CUM ON HER FACE? THAT IS THE QUESTION! ...Read More

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Krystal Orchid - Hefty Bracket Load

Krystal Orchid - Brace Faced

9th May - Krystal Orchid is a cute ginger teen with braces who is just at home studying. Her dad's friend, Tommy knocks at the door. He is too early, and her dad isn't home yet. She invites him in and he sits on the couch next to her. Tommy is secretly hard for her and wants to fuck her little red headed ass. A pen s to the ground and Krystal bends over to get it, but she gets her braces caught on Tommy's pants. Her face is stuck to his crotch and while she was struggling to get free, she noticed he had a boner. She asked him if he did. Tommy admits to this and she then asks to see his dick. He unzips his pants to reveal a very large and very hard penis. She asks to touch it, and Tommy is more than happy to let her get her first dick in the hand. Then she wants to suck it and does so very carefully with her braces. Both of them are horny and are enjoying the action. Tommy says, that she has touched and sucked a dick for the first time. She finishes his sentence and says that it is now time to fuck. He takes her from behind on the couch. Her ginger body and tits are flop around as he gets his older and creepy fuck on. She is moaning as he ravages her virgin body. Finally, he has fucked her to the point of cumming. He pulls out and gushes a great white load all over her brackets. ...Read More
Krystal Orchid - Little Miss Red Goes For A Ride

Krystal Orchid - Ginger Patch

19th February - Once upon a time, little miss red went for a stroll. As she meandered through the city, a strapping young lad by the name of Justin asked if she would like a ride. Quite nervous, she wondered where this ride might lead. Justin told her not to worry, as they would just head back to his place for a little fun. Sounds innocent enough! Once they arrived, Justin reached for little miss red ...Read More
Kendra James - Freaky Fucking Friday

Kendra James - Ginger Patch

14th October - Kendra James and Krystal Orchid are a feuding fiery haired stepmother daughter duo. Any attempt to get them together is just asking for an argument, especially friday night family dinners. Before their tasty oriental meal could be enjoyed Krystal had already tried to excuse herself from the table but Kendra was notit. Will Krystal's stepmom ever understand what it's like to be her? Just as she said it lightning struck, which triggered Kendra to exclaim a parallel to Krystal's argument. Another strike of lightning sounded. Krystal finally gained the balls to excuse herself, not forgetting her faithful fortune cookie before she left. As she was falling asleep she opened it, only to read her wish has been granted. She then fell asleep, hoping tomorrow would be a better day. Next thing you know, Krystal wakes up in her mom's body! The last thing any teen wants is to be old and have responsibilities. Kendra on the other hand always wished she could be young again, what's so hard about being a kid anyway? Instead of getting into a deep panic, the girls decided test out their new bodies by fucking. The freakiest of freaky red haired lesbian play ensued from pussylicking to ass sucking, and it looked like maybe the girls could get used to this switch after all! ...Read More


Krystal Orchid - Do Something Naughty

Krystal Orchid - Do Something Naughty

20th June - Krystal Orchid is an American amateur whose curvy little body is going to rock your world. With her natural red hair and fair skin, she's a total babe in need of a good fucking. This certified nubile hottie wants to show you what she likes, so pay close attention as she rubs her clit to climax. ...Read More
Krystal Orchid - Red Head

Krystal Orchid - Red Head

23rd June - 22 and gorgeous, Krystal Orchid is a lusty redhead with a fair complexion and a kickass body she loves to flaunt. Her miniskirt lifts to show her ass in its thong, then peels up further so we can admire her black bra. Watch this horny coed get naked and show us what her landing strip twat likes! ...Read More
Krystal Orchid - School Girl Looks

Krystal Orchid - School Girl Looks

24th June - Short sweet redhead Krystal Orchid flirts with a miniskirt that lifts to show her panties, then flashes a braces smile as she shows her fair skin boobs. Check out this all natural flirt as she peels off her clothes and spreads her thighs to take a big vibrating toy right in her landing strip fuck hole. ...Read More

Krystal Orchid - Real Life 14

Krystal Orchid - Real Life 14

30th December - Cute glasses wearing Krystal Orchid stops by the house for her very first cream pie. It was a piece of cake to convince her to take off her clothes and expose her flawless, milky white skin. The beautiful redhead sucks Ryan off and rides his hard cock until he cums deep inside her young, bold pussy. Ryan couldn't resist and gives her one more go and busts another nut all over her perfect, little body! ...Read More
Krystal Orchid - The Scarlett A and

Krystal Orchid - Teens Like It Big

5th August - Krystal is displeased with her grade on the midterm exam and approaches Professor Parker to have it changed. In his office, Krystal uses her physical assets to make her argument for her and attempts to sway the professor's opinion. Before things can get intimate, they are interrupted by his secretary, causing Krystal to hide under the desk to avoid being seen. However, while under the desk, she immediately seizes the opportunity to be naughty and give her professor a juicy blowjob. When the secretary leaves, Krystal is free to pursue all the extra credit Preston can give her. ...Read More
Krystal Orchid - So Wet

Krystal Orchid - So Wet

27th June - A sheer bra and matching panties hug the delectable curves that Krystal Orchid sports. Her pretty pink nips are ready to be sucked and her firm ass is made to be spanked. When she presses a vibrator deep into her slippery landing strip pussy, you'll be shocked at how wild this redhead can be! ...Read More