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Little Madison Hart was sleeping with her ass out of her onesie pajamas the entire night. She used this as an excuse to her stepdad that she was sick, but of course she was faking. As soon as stepdad left Madison began to celebrate. She started by jumping on the couch, then frolicking to the kitchen where she messily made a gigantic bowl of cereal and an even more gigantic mess. While madison continued to play around in her room, stepdad returned home and saw the mess. At this point he knew what Madison was up to. He went up to her room and punished her. He started by slapping her cute little bottom until it turned red. Madison then showed she was sorry by sucking his large veiny cock. Madison then got fucked in a variety positions including a rough full nelson slamming. Stepdad then nutted all over her face, leaving her with two messes to clean up. Get to work young lady! ...Read More

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Madison Hart - Never Trust Your Ex

Madison Hart - She's New

5th March - Madison Hart had broken up with her boyfriend a while ago, but he is still trying to make it up to her. He showed up at her house all friendly trying to spend time with her. She decided to give him another chance. It was not long before they were talking about how much Madison missed him. Madison could tell this was a ploy to try and fuck, but she was feeling pretty horny anyway. Before she knew it Madison was sucking her ex-boyfriends long cock and getting her pussy penetrated. She was left with a creamy facial expecting to cuddle, but her boyfriend ended up dipping on her real quick! That's what you get for trusting an ex! ...Read More
Madison Hart - Outercourse Leads To Creampie

Madison Hart - Teen Pies

1st January - Madison Hart loves her boy Brad, but she has been super protective about her body. She will give him all of the blowjobs he wants but he can never ever penetrate her. In order to compensate, she wraps the lips of her pussy around his cock and just rubs it. This is referred to as outercourse, but its starting to get old. Madison almost freaked when Brad tried to stick his cock fully inside her. She just really does not want to get pregnant! Madison noticed that brad was still super upset. She then broke down and said they could fuck unprotected but he had to pull out. Brad was going to use this fuck session as proof that she had nothing to worry about. Brad picked up Madisons light body and began to ream her tight little twat. He ended up cumming inside her anyway and making it seem like it went on her ass, but what Madison dont know wont hurt her! ...Read More
Madison Hart - Face Down Mouth Open

Madison Hart - This Girl Sucks

1st November - Madison Hart likes to make things simple. She will lay flat on her stomach, look you in the eye, and suck you until you cum. Sure she could get fancy with it, but is it really necessary? Comment below and tell us how you would ribe your perfect blowjob. Who knows, maybe your fantasy will become a reality ;) ...Read More


Madison Hart - Foodie New Year

Madison Hart - Foodie New Year

30th December - Couple cooking by the outdoor pit then really heats it up with some intense sex
Madison Hart - Hotel Explorers

Madison Hart - Hotel Explorers

13th March - Couple explore hotel room together culminating in the bedroom.
Madison Hart - Bathtime Baby

Madison Hart - Bathtime Baby

26th January - Teener takes a bath with a bunch of toys, then gets stretch by a thick cock.

Madison Hart - Petite Teen Madison Hart

Madison Hart - Petite Teen Madison Hart

18th October - Beautiful and sexy babe Madison Hart is looking hot and excited to be with her fans LIVE on camera. This bubbly little teen loves to suck on a cock and is happy when she gets Tony Martinez's stiff cock to try and deepthroat! Its not long until he is fucking her hard from behind with her face in the camera for all you to see those hot and naughty facial expressions... she begs for more and soon Tony is releasing his hot load for Madison to swallow down! ...Read More
Madison Hart - Sweet Hart

Madison Hart - Street BlowJobs

11th March - I was just down at the car wash when this timid platinum blond teen approached my window. She mentioned that her boyfriend had ditched her and she was looking for some extra cash to buy a way home to Georgia. Look, I'm charitable, but I'm not give-500-for-nothing charitable! I expect a little bit in return… And this girl definitely had something in mind as she promised to make me "happy" in exchange for the cash. It was only when her head was bobbing up and down on my cock that she finally gave me her name - Madison! And boy, did Madison know how to suck a cock. Even while hiding from the car wash attendants, sweet little Madison polished my cock with her little mouth as her ass poked up through her jeans! We went back to my place to finish the deal, and, guys, let me tell you… Watch out for the ones wearing chokers. ...Read More